Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction Review

Surprisingly enough not that bad. Then again, I went into Terminator 3 with just as low expectations and quite enjoyed that film too. For a horror movie there isn't that much horror. For an action movie there are only two or three action scenes.

And for a Resident Evil movie...?

Well, let's get something out the way, something I as a RE fan really want to know - what the hell happened to Jill Valentine? Still, we have a few replacements. Claire Redfield is running survivors across the desert and doesn't mention her brother Chris at all, but at least she's played by whats-her-name from Heroes. Wesker makes an about-f***ing-time appearance but sits in a chair for the entire film and doesn't kick any ass at all (he's the RE series' version of Agent Smith, basically). We at last get some new enemies, including Zombie Crows (with probably the best scene in the film where they 'swarm' at a bus), the Tyrant (at last, providing the film's Boss Battle), and wandering in from nowhere some Infected zombies from 28 Days Later.

If you've seen the first two this is probably worth it, although don't expect a George Romero film. As required in a zombie film there are plenty of stupid people, such as Person Who Gets Bitten and Doesn't Tell Anyone then Jeopardises Everyone, and TWO PEOPLE who Sigh Thank God It's Over Close Eyes Then Immediately Get Attacked By More Zombies Because You Shouldn't Close Your Eyes While You Are Being Attacked By Zombies You Stupid Thicksicle. Land of the Dead is better, although I'm really happy that this is nowhere near as irritating as 28 Weeks Later.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Milla Jovovich DOES get naked in it. First scene is her wrapped in a wet tissue, and last scene (I won't spoil it) is the big payoff for anyone who just goes to these films to see her naked. It's like the Director read your mind. You pervert.

2.5/5 (Not Bad)

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